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Pharmaceutical Labels - Health Care Supplies

Tungate produce a wide range of Pharmaceutical and medical labels to the NHS and medical supply chains, these labels can be generic or manufactured to exact customer specifications. Types of material and adhesives used for these often highly specified labels range from Ultra Clear Polyester with high bond strength adhesive to Brilliant white polypropylene with removable adhesive. Common label types and materials include;
  • Ultra clear Polyester (High Speed filling lines)
  • Paper (carton and outer case marking)
  • Laminated Labels (sterile packaging, Trauma dependant)
  • Vinyl (bottle/glass id labels)
  • Freezer proof (vial & test tube labels)
  • Polyethylene
  • Tamper evident (security seals for medication packs and cartons)
  • Holographic marking (unique products that require added product identification)
  • Multipage Labels (multi language instructions)
  • Water proof
  • Direct thermal (box end shipping labels)


Autoclave labels

Our range of autoclave labels are specifically designed for all autoclave applications, the High-pressure, high temperature conditions are designed to sterilize and to remove contaminates and germs, the labels remain intact and are LATEX free.


All medical labels, pharmaceutical labels, or drug security labels are verified using a camera vision system, ensuring that each label within and roll of labels are supplied to exact and quantifiable customer standards. 

Cryogenic labels

We manufacture a range of specialist cryogenic labels using adhesives and materials that can adhere to surfaces at the cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen.
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