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Tungate Group awarded new recyclable Readybrek sachet business

We are pleased to announce Weetabix’s choice of our kerbside recyclable specification TG191 for Readybrek portion sachets with production already well underway. The rustic MG face paper of this stock laminate was chosen to compliment the iconic brand’s ethos, whilst the material’s competitive barrier properties and enhanced high-speed inner polymer coating ensure both product shelf life integrity and cost-effective processing. The added attraction of TG191’s sub 10% polymer content (giving full UK kerbside paper stream widely recycled status) completed the market-leading package. 

Commenting, Tungate’s Southern UK Business Development Manager Paul Hardcastle was relieved to get this project to a successful conclusion; “we understood this was Weetabix’s last packaging item not to be classed as widely recyclable, so it was very much a key objective for Tungate to support Weetabix’s drive to ensure all of their products have this status in the UK market.”

Why choose recyclable packaging for your business?

Sustainability is crucial for businesses to ensure we collectively reduce the amount of pollution we create. Recyclable packaging is a step towards becoming more eco-friendly and proving to customers that your brand is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as well as providing these benefits:

  • Versatility – recycled packaging can be used in a range of industries, including food and drink, clothing or electronics.
  • Improves brand image – when you become environmentally responsible, you can build more trust within your customer base.
  • Expand your customer base – sustainability has become a significant trend, with businesses finding eco-friendly practices a key to attaining success.

If you’re looking for recyclable packaging solutions for your business, our range of laminates provides sustainability for a range of food and drink processing applications, as well as providing to a range of other industries. Contact us today at sales@tungate.co.uk or on 01538 755755 to learn more or enquire about our sustainable packaging. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Sustainable Flexible Packaging Solutions. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for we also offer bespoke solutions, tailored to your exact requirements.

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