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We understand the changes are intended to ensure customer confidence that items are new and in pristine condition. The requirement is a suitable safe factory seal to include:

  • They are opaque either with the company logo/any logo that cannot be replicated by the customer.
  • The seal leaves a sign of tampering on the product when broken.
  • They should be of a different colour and should not blend in with the surface of the product.
  • The seal should be sturdy, and the only way to break it is with clear intent (no accidental breaking example, during transportation or usual packaging handling). The seal cannot be manipulated or copied.

Tungate in conjunction with our raw material partner Avery Dennison has a wide variety of security labels that comply with Amazon FBA’s new requirements and offer brands a way to enhance their packaging design. From seals with a company logo, to ones using a film made from recycled materials, to custom designs that are revealed when peeled, the label ensures customer confidence and can also create a better unboxing experience.

Tungate’s and Avery Dennison security range offers a variety of facestocks and permanent adhesives, resistant to heat, water, and chemicals, that can be combined and customized to seal even the most unique hygiene and topical product packaging. Listed below are a few of our most in-demand solutions.


Good: Paper Destructible Labels

Paper labels are a versatile option that is great for printing designs and details. Using a permanent adhesive designed to securely bond with cardboard, plastic, glass and other packaging materials, the label cannot be removed without damaging the paper face material.

Better: Filmic Destructible Labels 

Filmic labels are highly pliable, making them great for edge labelling and sealing packages with unique shapes. Combined with a permanent adhesive, these PEHD TE films will delaminate themselves upon tampering, making it impossible to reseal or re-use the label.

Best: VOID Labels 

VOID labels offer the most unique and customizable solutions. Before opening, the label appears as a solid color but when the customer peels the label an irreversible pattern is revealed on both the label and the packaging. The revealed pattern both ensures the label cannot be replaced once opened


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